Button Clan
Hello this clan will be made to celebrate the glorious button all who oppose will be shot join today! because remember if its not a button, it should be killed!
How did this button clan come to be?
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This is how the button clan came to be, long ago there was a man a great man his name was Captain Crunch the first and one day he decided to create a clan of pirates and merchants so he could take over Europe, the clan grew to great sizes and later he passed, leaving the clan to his son Captain Crunch the second. He was a great leader and brought much prosperity towards his clan then he met a woman named Mill S Berry. She loved him and he loved her but she lived in America so he moved, he lived a good life away from the clan but he wasn't done he forged The Crunch Mafia which protected everything that was good in the world he and she later died on unknown causes. Now the clan is left to the last member in the crunch family line, Crunch Master monkey22mm who apparently decided to recreate the clan and all its glory by making a button related clan in Minecraft..... you gotta make a start somewhere right?
Is this even about alliances and clans?
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