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Im sure that there is a moderate percentage of the DC community that has a drivers license and therefore would hopefully have driven and possibly owns a car. Since Im completely FOB on this shit, share some of your information on vehicles if you have any. Dont really care what, just please make it something useful :3

Anyways, recently found out that I might be getting a Mercedes 230 Kompressor Big Grin.
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Parents said after I graduate, I'm gonna be getting a Kia Soul for my graduation present from them. I love the car and am really looking forward to getting it. I haven't sat in one but I've seen plenty and I know what the interior looks like.

I have a Kia Optima that's the main car I drive in my family and it's a lot easier to drive but the brakes, I believe, have started to give a bit since braking is getting a little harder. I have had a "problem" with braking too late though so...-shrugs-

I also have a Honda CR-V but the brakes on that car are VERY touchy. Every time I first get in, I have to test everything before I go on the road to figure out the best way to brake and stuff.

Both the Kia Optima and Honda CR-V belong to my parents so I'm not really able to "keep" one when I go to college. They did get my sister and I a rental car for a year or so but I'm sure my sister believes it's actually entirely hers (she's "owned" it the entire summer since she had an externship) and I haven't really been able to drive it except for one time.
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