DC14 Command List
Note: This post has been updated for DC14 and 1.17

General Gameplay:

/spawn -- Teleports you to the Dreamcraft Spawn, where you will initially join

/sethome [home name]** -- Sets your home to the spot you're at so you can later teleport back to it. Players are allowed a maximum of 3. **note that brackets are not included when typing the command. Example: /sethome home1

/home [home name] -- Teleports you back to the location of your home

/homes -- Lists the homes that you own

/remhome [home name] -- Removes the home teleport

/seen [username] -- Tells you when a player last logged on. Example: "/seen Jessahkat" will tell you when Jess was last on

/list -- Lists all players that are currently on the server (Can also be viewed by pressing Tab on your keyboard)

/near -- Lets you know what players are nearby on the map. The MAP is more useful for these instances

/afk -- Lets players know that you are away. (note: this happens automatically after a few minutes of inactivity, and after a while of being afk you will be kicked for inactivity)

/back -- Teleports you to the last location where you died

/suicide -- Kill yourself and keep all items and xp, usually used in case you're stuck

/xp -- Displays how much xp you have available, instead of just the level displayed normally

/coords -- Shows your position and direction in the world (same as the F3 screen but less annoying)

/blocks -- Converts items in your inventory into their block form. Example: if you have 90 emeralds in your inventory, it will convert them to 10 emerald blocks

/time -- Displays the time of day in the minecraft world

/pvp -- Turns on pvp for you. Only works if the other players you want to fight use it too

/dura -- Shows the number of uses left for the tool in your hand. (note: pressing F3 and H at the same time will show durability in your inventory)


/m [Username] [Message] -- Sends the player a private message that only they can see. Example "/m bloodshot9001 Hello" will send a private message to bloodshot9001 saying Hello

/tell -- All do the same thing as /m

/mail send [Username] [Message] -- Sends an "email" to the inbox of the user. Example: "/mail send Ozbar11 give me op" will send Oz a message to his inbox telling him to give you OP (Don't actually ask for OP unless you want to get banned)

/mail read -- Displays the messages in your inbox

/mail clear -- Clears the messages in your inbox

&1 -- Makes the message following blue. Example: If I type "I like &1Blue" into chat, it will appear as "I like Blue" Note that using & followed by a letter or number will have a different effect on the text depending on what the number or letter it is. A helpful website here shows all chat modifiers.

/action [Message] -- Say something in third person with cool purple text! Example: typing "/action ate too many potatoes" would, for me, display: Darkstar1592 ate too many potatoes

/ignore [Username] -- Ignore messages from a specific user. Use again to un-ignore. (note: if someone is being especially annoying you can ask staff for help)

/mtoggle -- Turns the ability to receive messages off. Use the command again to turn message receiving back on

/r [Message] -- Reply to the last person that sent you a private message


Note: Works for chests, trapped chests, droppers, dispensers, signs, doors, trapdoors, and fence gates.

/lock -- Use this and then left click the block to protect it from others using it.

/unlock -- Removes the protection from the block that you click.

/cmodify [Username] -- Give that user the ability to use the block.

/cpersist -- Keeps the following LWC command on until again until using /cpersist again. Example: "/cmodify" then "/unlock" will unlock each chest, door, etc. that you click until typing "/cmodify" again.

/cpublic -- locks a block so everyone can access it, but no one can lock it for themselves or destroy the block.

/cinfo -- view info on the protected block, e.g. who owns it.

/cdonation -- makes it so anyone can add to the inventory but only the owner(s) can remove from it.

/lwc flag [flag name] [state] -- adds a flag to the block. Example "/lwc flag hopper on" would allow the inventory of the protected block to be modified by a hopper. Other flags include "magnet", "redstone", "autoclose", "chopper", and "droptransfer".

/cremove -- removes the protection from the block.



/mcmmo -- Gives general info about mcmmo

/mcmmo help -- Lists some of the commands used for mcmmo

/mcability -- Toggle the enabling of special abilities, such as GIGA DRILL BREAKER for excavation. Useful when using two hands.

/notify -- Toggles ability notifications

/mcstats -- Displays your level for each mcmmo skill

/[Skill] -- Dispalys general info about that skill. Example: "/woodcutting" will have info about the woodcutting skill

/[Skill] ? [Page Number] -- Displays more detailed info about that skill. Example "/unarmed ? 2" will display the second page of information about the unarmed skill

/mctop -- Shows the leaderboard for total mcmmo levels

/mctop [Skill] -- Shows the leaderboard for number of mcmmo levels for that skill

/mcrank -- Shows the overall rank for all mcmmo skills

/mcrank [Skill] -- Shows overall rank on the server for that mcmmo skill

Please comment with any questions or commands that I might've missed Smile
- Darkstar

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