[Custom Plugin] Scuba Gear
New Custom Plugin: Scuba Gear

With the 1.13 aquatic update release, I was inspired to create a plugin that would make ocean living easier.
Without further adieu, I present the Scuba Gear plugin.

Scuba Helmet:
Wearing this helmet provides a respiration II buff.

1 Leather Helmet, 2 Obsidian, 2 Glass Panes, 1 Heart of the Sea
[Image: Quk95OJ.png]

Scuba Tank:
Wearing this without the helmet does nothing, you must also be wearing the scuba helmet for the scuba tank to work.
If you are wearing the scuba helmet and the scuba tank, you can breathe underwater infinitely.

1 Leather Tunic, 4 Obsidian, 1 Chest, 1 Heart of the Sea
[Image: Qp5g2Oo.png]

Wearing the flippers gives a 40% swimming speed buff.

1 Leather Boots, 2 Dried Kelp, 2 Prismarine Shards
[Image: nDTrHEn.png]


Craft armored variants!
Surround the scuba gear item with leather, iron, gold or diamond to convert it!

[Image: cFt6e37.png]

[Image: 4cBVzYo.png]

[Image: svll4cW.png]
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Very nice!

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