Humble Origin Bundle!
The Humble Origin Bundle is out! You can get these games for only $1.00:

Dead Space™ (Origin and Steam)
Burnout™ Paradise: The Ultimate Box (Origin and Steam)
Crysis® 2 Maximum Edition (Origin and Steam)
Mirror's Edge (Origin and Steam)
Dead Space™ 3 (Origin only)
Medal of Honor™ (Origin and Steam)

If you donate one cent more than the average, you can get:

Battlefield 3™ (Origin only)
The Sims™ 3 + Starter Pack (Origin only)

You can get it now at
Although I prefer steam summer/Christmas sales, humble bundles is awesome. Got all cs for 3 bucks
Veteran ,past staff, and other shit.
Yep already bought it before this post and i gave most of them away during my stream last night soo cheers.

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