So I know its been Awhile since I've been on guys, and to mark my return,
I'd like to revitalize the good ol' DC mega project.

I present to you


[Image: laputa-castle.jpg]


Y=-1615,X=3030, or just look for the giant circle on the Dynamap.

The total Diameter of the outer ring is 200m.

the final height of the Castle will be around 150m from the bottom of the dome.
to the top of the tree.

It will includeSadWIP)
at least 2 parkour courses.
an Elytra course.  
A city.
A Fully functional public farm system.
and possibly a dungeon to find the heart of Laputa itself.

Frankly I don't think I can do it alone.

This is a massive project, and any amount of help would be appreciated Big Grin

What I need help with:

            I need a looooooooooooooooooooot of stone. Id be willing to trade.
            I need a lot of Granite, maybe 10 double chests.
            I need 5-6 double chests of Andesite.
            I need 2-3 double chests of Blue Hardened clay (I will accept non-colored hardened clay.)
            Glowstone or Glowstone dust would be appreciated.
            Glass would also be helpful.
Any amount of help would be appreciated. PM or post in the thread if you wish to trade.

If you want to help build. or have a design or idea you wish to see implemented....
PM me or post in the thread and we can discuss ideas.

I'm Looking Forward to seeing how this turns out Big Grin
Sounds cool, good luck!
I can get the  Resources for you. set up some chest's

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