[Custom Plugin] Winery
Come one, come all!
Partake in the festivities!

DreamCraft now has the Winery plugin!

Build vineyards to create wine!
Wines give potion effects specific to that type.
Different wines can be obtained in different biomes.
Each vine returns 1 bottle of wine.
If you drink too much wine at once, you will get nauseous.

Wine-Biome list:
*Biome temperatures based on minecraft 1.13

Warm biomes:
Desert, Savanna, Mesa, Nether

Reisling - Fire Resistance
Pinot Gris - Health Boost
Sauvignon Blanc - Instant Health
Gamay - Regeneration

Medium biomes:
Plains, Forests, Dark Forests, Swamp, Jungle, River, Beach, Mushroom, End

Malbec - Invisibility
Cabernet Sauvignon - Jump Boost
Shiraz - Slow Fall

Cold biomes:
Ice Mountains, Frozen Ocean, Frozen River, Extreme Hills, Taiga, Stone Beach

Zinfandel - Haste
Tempranillo - Saturation
Merlot - Strength

Ocean biomes:
Ocean, Deep Ocean

Pinot Noir - Absorption
Sangiovese - Dolphin's Grace
Nebbiolo - Night Vision
Chardonnay - Water Breathing

How to Use:

1. Build a winery with OAK wood(Image below)
2. Left click vines with a bottle.
3. The vine will be consumed and you will receive a bottle of wine!
Drink and enjoy the potion effects.

Vineyard example:
[Image: ijlBstr.png]
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