[Tier 1] Karrgunda
Karrgunda - "An Aussie Classic"
Re-imagining a small Australian "town" in the middle of no-where.

Located nearby the south eastern world border. For quick access /town spawn Karrgunda!

<Current town plan>
[Image: YFOyAwJ.jpg]

<Town Screenshot>
[Image: eb5LGeY.jpg]

- Sorakat

Town Features
- Skeleton Spawn xp farm
- Public plots
- General Market/Town Square

Future town plans
- Docks
- Harbor
- Public farms of all descriptions

Tier 1 Requirements:
32 gold ingots or 3 residents
Town square
Street signs
Planned living plots
A public forum post in the Cities section of the forum with a resident list, city tier, map with directions from spawn or portal, and other information about your city

Tier 2 Requirements:
64 gold ingots or 5 residents
Town Storage (With public chests, stocked)
Crafting Hall
Blacksmith room
Public crop farms
Public mine
Tavern / Restaurant
Map room with at least 9 maps
Non-torch lighting

Tier 3 Requirements:
128 gold ingots or 7 residents
1 Shop
Library + Complete Lv. 30 enchanting room
Brewing room
City walls - not made of cobblestone (If not underwater or in the sky)
Public animal farm
Tree farm
Town jail
Inn or Lodge
Nether portal
Lighthouse (if next to an ocean)

Tier 4 Requirements:
256 gold ingots or 9 residents
A grand entranceway
Art museum
Road in the nether to the nearest nether fortress
Guard Tower
PvP Arena
Bank or vault
Inn/Lodge must have 10 beds
Tree farm must have every type of tree
Sewer (If not in the sky)
Minecart rails along roads
Trade outpost (Shops in an area other than your town)
River or other natural water source (mountain spring, oasis, lake, ocean, ..) within 20 blocks of the city limits
Fishing hut
Water mill

Tier 5 Requirements
256 gold ingots or 11 residents
Villagers and houses for them
Embassy for other towns
Must have a farm for every crop and animal
2 Public works (i.e: statue, fountains, arenas, giant temple)
Port with boats and docks (if near a river or ocean)
Subway or other connection to nearest public area
A castle or large structure to establish power
A town attraction - Something large and unique that engages players (Spleef arena, casino, archery range, BE CREATIVE)
A full-size beacon
PR Mod - 2016

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