[Tier 2] Hahnuheim
Hahnuheim [HHGT]

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Table of Contents

City Plan
Location & Map
Progress Tracker
City Command Applications


Working on the city terraces!

- Baron Darkathenes
- Steward Aragern
- Capt of the Guard Darksicarian
- Customs Officer DrunkanOctopus
- Helper Crystiner
- Eclentron


There are several plot types:
- Residence: 0 REM
- Farm: 100 REM
- Store: 500 REM
- Inn: 750 REM
- Embassy: 1000 REM
- Arena: 1500 REM

To get a plot look for sale signs on (/towny map), or message me in game!

City Plan:

[Image: 4YmdIz0.png]

This is the basic city plan.
A is the town square, B is the inn / tavern / undercroft, C is a living space, D is a shop plot area, E is a shop area at the lakeside, F is the ravine / mineshaft, G is the riverside area, H is the public works area, and I is the casino.


[Image: UFd8lxH.png]

To reach Hahnuheim you can type /town spawn Hahnuheim with a fee of 10 REM or you can go to spawn and use the north portal to travel there. The direction is North-Northeast heading towards point X: 399 Y: 73 Z: -10977. There are currently no roads, paths, bridges, or subways leading towards spawn. The red line indicates the direct path to Hahnuheim of the Seltenheit Empire. The blue line indicates the direct route to Rarity, capital of the Seltenheit Empire.

Progress Tracker:

Town Square: [100%]
Living Plots: [80%]
Waterfront: [0%]
Farms: [0%]
Infrastructure: [2%]
Public Works: [0%]
Shops: [1%]
Undercroft: [2%]
Mining Industry: [5%]
Casino: [0%]
Defenses: [0%]
Military: [15%]


Building Rules:
  • No use of dirt except on the ground(talk to me if you need to).
  • You cannot build outside of your plot without permission.
  • No SINGLE material cubes. IE: Wood Plank Cube.
  • You may build outside the dark forest, i.e in the desert or mountains, but avoid building in the spruce area until further notice!
  • If you break these rules we will remove your building and help teach you to build a nice one.
General Rules:
  • What the Command Structure says goes
  • No griefing or stealing in any way (breaking and entering included)
  • No building outside your plots without permission (talk to me if you want to build somewhere)
  • Have fun! Big Grin


I have a lot of plans for this city and the nation as a whole. I would love it if people joined despite these busy times. I promise you'll make friends and history all at once!

City Command Applications:

If you seek a command position in Hahnuheim, fill out the form below and post it in this thread. If you don't want to publicly post it, send me a private message Smile

How much do you play per week?:
Building skill level (be honest please):
Have you ever been in a city before?:

Thank you for your time! Now enjoy some stunning photos of the dark forest of the Golden Tree.

[Image: sq0RuZE.png][Image: V4Ur948.png][Image: IH037Kz.png][Image: PB9COzH.png]

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