Views on gamers?
Hey all,

Many of you may not remember me, a few of you may vaguely recognize my name but I used to play way, way, long ago - we are talking like 3 years, maybe 4/5 years ago.
This was back when there was Draconia, and paths north, east, south, west to varying cities - think I was an expert at one point as well.

But essentially I need a lil help from the wonderful players of Dreamcraft. I've been very quite/missing because I've been at uni for the last 3 years - and I'm currently conducting a study on gamers and age. I'm looking at whether or not older gamers feel they have prejudice against them, and if this is merely perceived or exists in some forms. It's proving to be really interesting, but I could do with having more responses - especially from older players (28+) but also a response from anyone would be wonderful.

I know it may seem a bit uncool to pop up out of nowhere and ask for help, but my memories of Dreamcraft are fond - and that the people here are accepting and genuine. So it would be mad cool to see what you guys have to say Smile

Here's the survey link, its completely anonymous, and its fairly short. Plz give it a shot, if not no worries and don't be a stranger Smile

Love, dust and hugs - Tflame x
Wow, knew I recognized that name from somewhere :p - welcome back~!

The forums are, uh, a little stale, so you might have a challenge on your hands getting many respondents, and there is definitely not many 20+ year olds around anymore..
Tfl4me! This would be the time where the other half of Fire Corps, aka aoa2003 says hello Big Grin
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Dude I remember your name! I love seeing super old players come around after a while because I feel the same way. DC helped make some fond memories Smile Sorry I didn't see the survey in time to complete it, but it's nice to see you around anyways! Good luck at uni and with your study as well.
If anyone did do the survey thanks a heap! I got loads of responses, enough to almost make it a legitimate study tbh! Just slowly grinding my way through the write up!

What time do people usually come online? As if I've got any free time I'll 100% pop in for a brief hello! do you guys still use teamspeak or have you moved to discord etc?
Have fun with that!

We do have a public Discord channel, but fair warning it's a little quiet - I'll PM you an invite link Smile .
Tfl4me I could probably find you scores of 20+ year olds. Join the Dreamcraft Public discord and I'll get you into at least one community that's made up of gamers 20+ years old with some 16+ guys.
I can also get you access to different kinds of gaming communties if you'd like: there's the ancient Minecraft players one, inactive Section 9 Special Forces Squad, Wildfire Battalion half full of people I probably should ban (survival game players), and then if you get in game with me on January 3rd in Planetside 2 I can connect you to the command structure which is primarily old farts who I love to play with haha. I can get you into other communities to do research too, but those are the best groups to target with your questions in my opinion.
Love is the key to all of creation.
I think another interesting study would be if gamers feel like they are growing as people in the real world and if so what do they take away from games to build their identity. I wrote an essay on that and it was so fun.
I believe that I am looked at as obsessive with no life because I play so many hours of games, but the truth is that I use games as an escape from a broken reality I can't change. So I go to other worlds like Auraxis to become stronger and unite people in battle. Pretty fun, and I get to be creative along the way, so I say I've become the best version of myself by playing games so much. Although I don't have a 34% headshot ratio with a carbine I use for 100-500m shots in real life. That's the highest HSR for that weapon on Planetside 2's Emerald server without hacks so I'm kinda proud. #geekPower
Love is the key to all of creation.

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