server glitch?
I was riding on my horse with diamond armor down north road, then the server glitched, said I can't fly on this server and disconnected me.  I was not flying.  When I logged back on, I tried to get back on my horse, but it said "You can't do that here."  So, now I am staring at my horse with the saddle and diamond armor it took me a long time to find, and can't do anything about it.  I'm at 210.76, 69.5, -136.781 on the north road.  Can anyone help me get my horse back?
Never mind. I got some zombies to do my dirty work for me. Just ran in circles around my horse until they pushed him off the road, then I was able to get back on him.
Nice solution! Hah - I'll have a look at the getting on to horses on roads issue soon. As for the "no flying" kick, that happens on horses sometimes due to occasional lag confusing the server.

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