Updates - 8/10/15
(Thanks isokitten for the suggestion!) Added a plugin to make mob spawning more common, because normal mob spawning is weird. This plugin limits the amount of mobs that spawn in chunks, as well as limits the amount of farming mobs that can be bred in a chunk.

-New mob spawns should be more plentiful.
-Mob grinders/exp farms will probably see a decrease in functionality.
-The more players in an area, the more mobs will spawn! Go hunting with friends!
-Animal mob farms will need to be wider to allow for breeding. Only 30 animals are allowed to be in a chunk.
-If more than 30 animals are in a chunk and you attempt to breed them, THE ANIMALS WILL CONSUME THE ITEM AND WON'T PRODUCE OFFSPRING.
-This "overbreeding" will still give experience though.

Exp went down and payouts went up. Still trying to make this a viable job, and the mob spawning update, paired with this change, should definitely help.

Also...the ability to sit on stairs("chairs") has been added. All you need is a stair block to sit on. You can design it however you'd like. To sit on chairs, get close to the chair(within 2 blocks) and right click it WITH NOTHING IN YOUR HAND. Press shift(crouch key) to get off the chair.

As always, if you notice anything odd or buggy after this update, please message myself or another staff member and we will look into it. Thanks, and enjoy!

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