2/21/2014 Updates
Dream)Craft Official Announcement

Tonight's big update is the introduction of three more plugins! I'm excited to announce that TreeAssist, LavaFurnace, and Runecraft have been added to the Dreamcraft repertoire. While TreeAssist and LavaFurnace aren't as much of mainstays as mcmmo or jobs, they offer convenience for woodcutting and smelting/cooking that we've never had before. Runecraft, on the other hand, will be big. As with any of the other new plugins, runecraft isn't something you'll need to use, but it will be very useful to you and will be integrated with many public/spawn areas.

Tutorials and guides will be added at a later date, but links will be provided here to get you acquainted with the usage.


-Removing one of the bottom blocks on a tree will destroy the entire tree
-Requires an axe to work
-Durability and mcmmo will continue to work normally
-If you would like to disable treeassist, just type /treeassist toggle
-Small bug exists: depending on the tree layout, the entire tree may not be removed in one go
-Example video here.

-Requires specific layout to work (Example video here)
-Automated furnace using lava as fuel
-Fuel will only be used when an item is in the furnace
-Production chests are allowed; chest on left can hold fuel and items ready to go into the furnace, and the chest on the right is where the furnace deposits the finished products
-Protected and can only be used/destroyed by their creator

-Place combinations of blocks to create wards, tool enchantments, hexes, and more
-Disabled until the player interacts with an Initiation rune
-Currently, staff will bring players to the rune after they've shown they can be responsible
-ALSO currently, the rune is yet to be constructed, so no one has runecraft abilities....yet. Please be patient!
-Here is the runecraft wiki, although some are missing...
-Here is a list of the different tiers and blocks associated
-The youtube channel CtritheRunecrafter (current plugin author) has many video tutorials on using all the runes. Note, some of the more powerful runes are disabled (may be enabled for member+, but no confirmation on that)

Additional Updates
-Changed some lines to prevent zombies from attacking villagers

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