Come Visit the new PvP Arena!
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Official Announcement!

The long-awaited player versus player arena is now open!

Made by pickletoez, vadefac, Lord_kill_51, DragonBorn, and Rachel0d over three days, the Thunderdome features a small concession stand with appropriately inflated snack prices, a betting booth, and a spectator floor made of glass. The arena itself is styled so there are plenty of hiding places, water sources (pesky Fire Aspect enchantments!) and surveying spots

*SHOPS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE SPECTATOR FLOOR!* Talk to pickletoez in-game for more info.

Some Things:
  • You cannot type /home or /spawn while in the arena.
  • Don't kill people in the outer areas of the arena. Inside the playing field only!
  • Die, and you'll be teleported to spawn. You can come back to watch!
  • The stuff you drop is free for all, so only bring your weapons/armor.
  • No bows & arrows allowed! It's too overpowered.
  • Have fun!

There will be an official event somewhere in the next week- keep an eye out in the Contests & Events forum for a post from me. It will be streamed live on our Twitch channel by myself as well! For those interested, the event will be a pvp tournament with an AMAZING prize and induction into the Hall Of Fame as the first winner!

Great job on the arena folks. It looks pretty sweet. How long did it take you to construct?

Is it possible to add any of the following?:

1. Kill board
2. Leader board
3. Rem reward for kills
4. Randomly spawning health items
5. Low yield TNT traps (terrain would be indestructible)
6. Site to site teleporters
7. Super jump pads

Thanks for the suggestions, Khal! We're all chatting about it on Skype (Just commenting here for clarity) why don't you join us? Wink
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