EverQuest Next: Landmark
Hey all!

First of all, I'd hereby like to declare that I have no intention whatsoever of returning to Minecraft at all. The truth is, I have moved on from pixel-based crafting and will soon take to the next level.

As the title suggests, that next level is EverQuest Next's Landmark. I have just purchased the Trailblazer Pack, which implies that I shall receive 4 limited-time (for a full week of access) keys for its Beta. (scheduled for March 31, 2014, give or take).

Considering how the game developers intend to put in the best creations into the actual MMORPG EverQuest Next, it's a golden opportunity to get our collective creative juices flowing Big Grin

As a side note, later on these Landmark creations are also able to be shared for free and/or paid for, depending on the wishes of the Creator(s).

To that end, I would like to know:
- If anyone wants to have a Beta key once I get them
- If anyone subsequently wants to make a Dreamcraft mark on EverQuest Next by joining me, we can make things like Incendia, the old spawn(s), or any amazing Minecraft, medieval structure into an actual reality
- Should the desire be to continue onwards post-launch, we may or may not be able to create Mods, also opening up the opportunity to make money from our greatest hobby, gaming!

I anxiously await your reply Smile

Edit: Here's a FAQ to answer most if not all questions Smile
I am very interested in this game, I'll be making a new "Other Games" section for the forums, and I'll be moving this there, if that's alright.
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Feel free to move it there Smile
Just saw this, I've been debating getting that game, would be awesome to play it in the beta. Big Grin
Well I am interested in playing with you guys! Might give it a try and play Smile
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Quote:Just saw this comprehensive review of Trenorol and I've been debating getting that game, would be awesome to play it in the beta. Big Grin

Man, it sucks EQ Next was axed the way it was. I was so looking forward to it.

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