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BloodShot9001 - Bloodshot - 05-30-2015

Currently, I have a youtube channel which has recently picked its feet of the ground! I have several things going on, but the most prominent ones are livestreaming Splatoon, and I have a video series in the works, "Splatoon Splatistics", where I discuss the numbers, stats, and strategies of different guns in Splatoon.

Other videos include me discussing video games and how they affect the meta OF video games, a Soul Level 1 playthrough of Dark Souls (and subsequent trolling of low level areas), and much more! So take a gander, and if you like what you see, think about subscribing so you'll never miss another video!

RE: BloodShot9001 - DiamondMare - 08-10-2015

I subbed! It's also a cool channel!

RE: BloodShot9001 - Bloodshot - 08-13-2015

I've finally revived my Dark Souls SL1 LP, so if anyone wants to begin watching, check it out. Tongue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrP8PV3e5ow