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Is the server dead? - The Lone Spooner - 09-25-2019

I had computer problems since the last time I was one Dream Craft, about 1 and a half ago. I updated mine craft and started playing again. Right off the bat i noticed things were a bit odd. The server is 1.13.2 and current MC update is 1.14.2. Dream craft was normally on top of update i thought. when i logged in, spawn was under construction. I couldn't even find a market. Didn't see alot of building projects while I wondered finding my ideal spot to live. Haven't seen anyone in the past 3 days. What happened? Where is everyone? Am i just missing everyone since I play during the night/morning?

If I really am late to the party and the server is a ghost town... I'm sorry it took me soo long to get back...

RE: Is the server dead? - Oz-bar11 - 09-27-2019

Dead? Well, it's still -here-! Haha..

Definitely gotten a bit sleepy this year.

RE: Is the server dead? - The Lone Spooner - 09-27-2019

I just feel bad. I loved playing on DC, now that i got my new computer and some free time I'm back at it. Hoping to recruit some friends and co-workers. we'll see how it goes.