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[Guide] Cities in DC12 - Darkstar1592 - 07-29-2018

  • If any of you were around for DC5 or earlier, this may seem familiar
  • Cities can be built and gain prestige and glory through a tier system
  • A staff member must approve your city before it can be ranked up
How to Rank Up
  • To rank up to the next city tier, you must meet all the requirements of that tier and have a staff member judge your town.
  • If the staff member determines that your town is eligible for rank up, they will grant you the bonuses of that tier
  • You must then update your city tier in your forum post to complete the rank up

  • 1 Player
City title: Settlement

Tier 1
  • 32 gold ingots or 3 residents
  • Town square
  • Roads
  • Planned living plots
  • A public forum post in the Cities section of the forum with a resident list, city tier, map with directions from spawn or portal, and other information about your city
City title: Village

Tier 2
  • 64 gold ingots or 5 residents
  • Town Hall
  • Town Storage (With public chests, stocked)
  • Crafting Hall
  • Blacksmith room
  • Smeltery
  • Public crop farms
  • Public mine
  • Tavern / Restaurant
  • Map room with at least 9 maps
  • Non-torch lighting
City title: Town

Tier 3
  • 128 gold ingots or 7 residents
  • Banners
  • Library + Complete Lv. 30 enchanting room
  • Brewing room
  • City walls - not made of cobblestone (If not underwater or in the sky)
  • Public animal farm
  • Tree farm
  • Stables
  • Town jail
  • Inn or Lodge
  • Nether portal
  • Lighthouse (if next to an ocean)
City title: City

Tier 4
  • 256 gold ingots or 9 residents
  • A grand entranceway
  • Art museum/gallery
  • Road in the nether to the nearest nether fortress
  • Vineyard
  • Guard Tower
  • Barracks
  • PvP Arena
  • Bank or vault
  • Inn/Lodge must have 10 beds
  • Tree farm must have every type of tree
  • River or other natural water source (mountain spring, oasis, lake, ocean, ..) within 20 blocks of the city limits
  • Fishing hut
  • Water mill
City title: Province
A portal at spawn to your city (optional in case you want privacy)

Tier 5
  • 256 gold ingots or 11 residents
  • Villagers and houses for them
  • Embassy for other towns
  • Must have a farm for every crop and animal
    • Wheat
    • Melon
    • Pumpkin
    • Sugar Cane
    • Potato
    • Carrot
    • Cocoa Beans
    • Beetroot
    • Nether Wart
    • Chicken
    • Cow
    • Pig
    • Sheep
  • 2 Public works (i.e: statue, fountains, arenas, giant temple, observatory)
  • Port with boats and docks (if near a river or ocean)
  • Subway or other connection to nearest public area
  • A castle or large structure to establish power
  • A town attraction - Something large and unique that engages players (Spleef arena, casino, archery range, BE CREATIVE)
  • A full-size beacon
  • Marketplace
City title: Country
A free end portal in the location of your choice

RE: [Guide] Cities in DC12 - Veresy - 07-31-2018

Is this that same cities idea I lost sleep over that one time? It's been so long!

RE: [Guide] Cities in DC12 - Darkstar1592 - 07-31-2018

(07-31-2018, 02:18 PM)Veresy Wrote: Is this that same cities idea I lost sleep over that one time? It's been so long!

Were you the one to come up with the cities plan for DC4/5?

RE: [Guide] Cities in DC12 - Veresy - 08-09-2018

I'm fairly certain I did, I remember needing to sleep on the idea because it was stressing me.