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[Tier 1] Briercrest - snowyohy - 03-13-2017

Briercrest - "Where The Thorns Have Shielded The Champions"
Briercrest is a new town within Dreamcraft and a new part of the nation Paragon!
To access us, use the command /t spawn briercrest or you could travel from Southwest Portal from spawn!

[Image: PZkygs0.jpg]

Here is some pictures of Briercrest:

[Image: cJmnf9U.png]
[Image: 5tdi4ih.png]
[Image: yblDySW.png]
[Image: 3zoI7Eb.png]

Here is a list of the requirements that we have beat!
  • Town Hall
  • Town Square
  • Street Signs
  • Roads
  • Stables
  • Cow, Sheep, Chicken, and pig farms
  • Every Crop Farm
  • Llamas, Mooshrooms, Horses, and Donkeys
  • Public Mine
  • Lighthouse with functional redstone
  • Dock
  • Planned Living Plots
  • Nether Portal
  • Library + lvl 30 Enchanting
  • Brewery
  • Fishing Dock
  • Man-made XP Grinder - Still in testing
  • Jail
  • Town Storage House
  • Blacksmith
  • Crafting Hall
  • Smeltery
  • Campsite
And here is a list of our members!
Mayor: SnowyOhy
Assistant: AKA_MrAwesome and wizard451
Sheriff: ghostlyems
Members: Failyo

RE: [Tier 0] Briercrest - Oz-bar11 - 03-14-2017

Nice looking place!