Full Version: TUTORIAL - How to change your Minecraft version
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For those of you wondering why you wound up on a strange map now that 1.9 has been released, worry no more. To get back to the normal server all you have to do is be using Minecraft version 1.8

If you don't know how to change from version 1.9 to version 1.8, I'll explain.

Step 1: Open up your Minecraft launcher

[Image: CweOXkP.jpg]

Step 2: Click on "Edit Profile" in the bottom left. Then under "Use version:" select "release 1.8.9"

[Image: rmH5G1g.jpg]

Step 3: Click "Save Profile"

[Image: 1ndFnEd.jpg]

Step 4: In the bottom right it should say "Ready to play version 1.8.9". Now click "Play" and join the server as you normally would.

[Image: U5edgtM.jpg]