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Hello, fellow Dreamcraftians!

Since the Firework Festival you guys have had some absolutely wonderful ideas for future events. However, there hasn't been a public place to keep those suggestions or even officially submit them... so I made one!

If you have an event you would like to see hosted on DreamCraft feel free to post your ideas below. If you would like to suggest something specifically for a holiday (i.e. Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, New Years, ect.) we would love to hear those as well!

If there is enough interest in specific events we can hold a poll to see which ones are the most popular, and which you would like to see the most, but first we need to get some juices flowing Smile

(Also, please be sure to include an explanation for your event idea just in case there are some people that don't know what you're referring to.)
Here are a few of my ideas, listed by "how awesome I think it would be"

The Purge/ Temporary anarchy- No rules, no cuboids, pvp on, for a few hours and the server could be reset afterwards to its previous state

Pvp tournament - exactly how it sounds

Hungergames/survivalgames - My favorite minigame

Build Contest - given a certain amount of time members could compete to build the best thing given certain restraints (like blocks used, build type, time limit) could be done in creative or survival, and the winner's could be featured somewhere at spawn possibly

Community Build project - Those that want would get together to work on one specific build, or a collection of builds that are tied together in order to create some huge cool awesome build


Edit: Also, we could have something like catgeddon, but with killer rabbits o.O
I definitely like the idea of a community build project, temporary anarchy,a build contest, and hunger games/survival games. Smile
And I have a suggestion. It might be to over-powered but the players who want to participate can /msg a staff member their month and day of birth and when that day comes around, that player gets a 'present' (i.e. diamonds, a saddle, a spawn egg for an animal of the player's choice). Just an idea...

I defenetly like the idea for PVP but I think it would be more interesting if the server split everyone into teams
Everyone will use their own gear and the purge idea would be perfect for PVP GREIF THE ENEMYS TERITORY AND PVP TO THE MAX! During PVP time we could GREIF the enemy but after PVP time is over it resets
For community building I think that the max people per team is 5 person Smile And there should be no resticts except building something the rest of the team doesn't agree on
I thought of another event:TNT WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I thought having giant zombies raid spawn I a great idea for those who like to fight!
During the wars I think the competitors should have all the gear and materials they need
I would be super happy of we actually did theese events
New idea: Castle siege!
One team attacks and another defends!
Why dOnt you suggest some ideas versy? Big Grin
I hope that we can have a few events:
1. A special gift to everyone on July 4th (its my bday!)
2. Skywars
3. Tnt wars
4. Mob Killing Contest
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