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I'm currently looking for several people who may be interested in joining a D&D 5E campaign. I've been itching for some DMing action, so whether you're new or experienced, I don't mind, I'd be happy to welcome you as a player. We'd be playing via roll20.net, and there would be voice/video chat.

Here's the intro for those who want to know the story before deciding:

"The party is celebrating the crowning of the prince, Knoll, of the kingdom of Veneer He has just completed the old tradition of slaying a dragon before becoming the King of the country. However, disaster strikes when a hoard of dragons and dragonborn flood the crowds, slaughtering soldiers left and right. After the humans begin losing the fight, a dragonborn emissary comes forth and explains that the slain dragon was actually one of the elders of the dragonborn who inhabit the northern part of Drakuln. They demand that the humans deny Knoll as king, as he is unfit to rule in their eyes. When Knoll scoffs at this notion and denies, the dragonborn are left with no choice but to go to war with Veneer.

Your party is hired as mercenaries within the next few weeks, and are charged with going northward to help fight the dragonborn hoards. You may fight for Veneer right now, but your motivation is your own, and your loyalty is not set in stone. What will occur within the weeks to come in a nation torn by war?"

More information is available upon request, and your characters can of course shape the world around. 
This sounds like the Calling of Randal Darkwood, Paladin of Sutur- God of War.
(05-28-2015, 02:04 PM)Gre3n Wrote: [ -> ]This sounds like the Calling of Randal Darkwood, Paladin of Sutur- God of War.

XD I actually don't know anything about that. Usually I take inspiration from other mediums, but the campaign I came up with when I was doing a poetry project.
He was an evil paladin of mine. became completely OP after level 9.
This is the roll20 link for you guys who want to join! https://app.roll20.net/join/873664/3VO2uQ
I'll give it a shot, lemme know when you run it. Will you be doing a character creation session or do we just make them ahead of time?
So far it looks like late Sundays. Either that or Mondays, I just feel like Sunday might be a better day? (Obviously it depends on everyone's schedules).

Right now it seems like the 4 people joining, including you then, are Lostuser, Jessahkat, Benjwgamer, and Hawaii1026. It all really depends on what you guys wanna do, the first session can be character creation, or we can do it separately.

The system is 5e, and if you want the books I recently got them available thanks to my good friend Green, so if you need them tell me your e-mail in a PM or something.
i'll play
Alright, that's it then. Tongue 5 is my max group number (6 is waaay too many).
Was just asking about character creation cause I wasn't sure if you wanted everyone to be similar alignment / balanced group. You got my skype, I'd be more responsive on there. I'll leave it to you blood Smile
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