Full Version: Personal Picture Thread!
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I dont know how popular this will be right now but I know it was one of the most popular threads before so ill be making it once again. Post your picture!

Well this is already obviously my display picture but w/e:

[Image: dadfsdadds005_zps3beb0adc.jpg]
The ever-amazing crisisangelwolf hath arrived!!

[Image: 549055_10151165571046655_537933619_n.jpg]

Note: this picture was from Halloween of last year. If there are enough other pictures, you will get more recent ones. =P
[attachment=11] Me and my girlfriend at our masqerade dance. Get wrecked.
Me at the archery range
[Image: rsz_999199_10202004189171132_1161031697_n.jpg]

Dun dun! Crisis as Altair! The world is done for!
Image not available :O
Wait...what the fuck...? It worked last time. ._.
Here I am Smile
[Image: 082b53e.jpeg]
*performs the post revival ritual*

Since I just saw this, here you go:

[Image: 10660117_1127158390650668_40197142583667...e=574E94C1]