Full Version: Nerfs to towny and jobs tonight
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Dream)Craft Official Announcement

The defaults for jobs seem to be paying out more than anticipated and will be lowered tonight by a large amount. We want REM to actually have a bit of meaning on Dreamcraft. As always, prices and payouts are subject to change depending on what balances are needed.

Towny claims will also be raised, given how easy it will still be to raise money. We want towns to be an accessible purchase for individual players, but not so players can buy a town within the first day of playing. Nations are also able to be created, but are considered the highest achievement when it comes to town creation. As such, nations will be very expensive and will most likely require pooling money amongst friends.

-Set all payouts to 1/10th current

-Set new town to 30,000
-Set new nation to 500,000
-Set plot claim to 2,000