Full Version: The War On Lag 1.7
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Dream)Craft Official Announcement

As a preface, have these memes, compliments of benjwgarner

Now that that's out of the way, we have good news! After some digging through some server files and running some code Hackers-style, a newer version of java has been enabled, and the Dreamcraft server seems to be running much more smoothly and stable-ly! Also, with the help of Ozbar11, we switched to using Spigot and optimized a number of other things on the server. Performance increases are very noticeable both visibly and in the numbers. For example, we went from having a 15-18 second server load time to 6-8 seconds!

The long-term stability of Spigot on Dreamcraft still needs to be observed, and it is being used on the main port currently. Unfortunately, we had to remove the Highways plugin due to it throwing errors on Spigot(I'm not sure if anyone used Highways on this map, but if you did, it's not gonna work anymore, sorry). If all is well over the next couple days, then we can begin to add plugins that were disabled, as well as fun new plugins to add to the Dreamcraft experience.