Full Version: King of the Hill!
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Just say how you took the hill from the guy before you. This can get a little crazy...

Blaster707 Wrote:My Gravitonic warheads blow your radioactive cyberterrorist bunnies out of the multiverse. I proceed to send the hill to dimension12 and seal the Gates of Time. My hill!

Like I said, crazy.

I create the hill. My hill!
EMCHA Incoporated


Operation: The Hill
EMCHA marches up the hill and plants the flag. Then builds a house. EMCHA's Hill
I pay you guys to give me the hill. You make a business decision and give me the hill. My hill.
i hack into you bank account take the money my hill
I use my sword and slice open your bag o' cash. My hill.
Weiner & Cox Partenership
EMCHA Corporation hires the Law Offices of Weiner & Cox (Attorneys at law) and finds a loophole in the contract sale that allows EMCHA to regain the Hill and all the money plus 500% bi-hourly compounded interest.

EMCHA's Hill
I am a billionaire, and therefore am okay with losing a ton of monies. I then buy out the lawyers and lease the hill. My hill. Kinda.
i hack you accounts again and put it it into many different bank accounts and leave yall to die. my hill
EMCHA owns all the banks. Thank you Ledronas for investing money with us! It is greatly appreciated! EMCHA leases the hill from Blaster707 and builds a magnificent bank to store all of Ledronas' money in. State of the art security and hundreds of guards later, My Hill. Kinda.
As a shareholder in the EMCHA, I walk into the building and sit in a chair. I proceed to open a newspaper.

My hill.
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