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I know a lot of you are into a variety of games, so I'd like to point you to the Hub of Gamers!

The Hub of Gamers (located at hubofgamers.com) is a forum site that is focused on getting a community of respectable players together to discuss their favorite games, and even bring people together to play new or old games.

Since DreamCraft is bent on Cooperation, I figured this would be perfect for all the members here! There's even a group dedicated to DreamCraft on the site, so why not join it while you're there?

The site has alot of cool features, including a simple and easy way to share your youtube videos so you can showcase your amazing gamer skills. ;D

In addition, there's a recruitment hub which allows people who might be looking for new clans and such to join them for their favorite games on their own systems.

If you want, you can even review some of your favorite movies or games and share your thoughts with them to everyone else. A lot of people look at these, and a lot of people's choices have been affected by these reviews, so why not put in your own feedback?

All in all, the site is mainly to unite gamers to have fun with whatever games they may want to play. I even played Call of Duty with someone and, for once, I smiled and laughed at our gameplay! It would have been even better with a huge group of people, which is why you guys should join in all the fun! There's Steam Discussions, LoL Discussions, and many more for you guys to look into, so start getting active now and meet some new gamer friends. Smile

In addition, if you do make an account, you should try to refer me (BloodShot9001)! But it's not necessary, as I just want people to have fun and get together to talk about video games and the like. Smile
Why dont we just have our own *hubofgamers*. That way, we have the same effect only we discuss with people we ""know"" Big Grin. It would be a nice discussion thread too.
While I understand what you're saying, that doesn't help the already existing forum which is already pretty cool... XP Besides, if that's the case, then wouldn't be less work pulling everyone over there, since none of us would have to do maintenance on it? XD