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Alrighty so im building a new and this time a RELIABLE pc cause im f***ing sick of laptops, and here's the shit that im stuffing in there:
Picking a motherboard is honestly annoying, but i might get the z-87 dl/ ddr3/ 1150/ pci 3.0, etc
4670k i5
GeForce 660 Ti
Corsair 2x4 gig
Nothing else is important lol

Any suggestions?
Don't skimp out on the power supply, cheap ones are usually cheap for a reason. I have a corsair 750w pro series, and it's awesome and modular Smile Also RAM is cheap so going 16GB won't break you and will save you from upgrading in the future.
If I'm going for a $1000 budget on a gaming computer, should I get an i7?
Ikr? Ram is worth nothing in tiger direct these days, and power supply i already have, like you said actually, a 750 watt corsair xD

And ximan, I would really not recommend i7 for a gaming computer, mainly because youre putting craploads of money into a cpu youre not going to fully grip and use with gaming only, hence why i took i5 but with a 1150 socket.
Id suggest grabbing a good i5 with a 1150 socket cause those are gonna be around for a good few years.
i7 if your money cap isn't too crazy. i5-2500k is what I have, and I'm looking to upgrade after I get my RAM from 8gb to 16gb. i7 is more of an enthusiast build, where i5 is for if you want a fantastic PC. There's also the AMD chips, but I like intel so there.

My setup and rough estimates on cost at the time(some bought in Dec2011, some in 2013):

MOBO: MSI P67A-C43 (~$80)
CPU: i5-2500k 3.3GHz (~$250)
RAM: G.SKILL 8GB DDR3 (~$100)
VIDCARD: started EVGA GTS 560ti 2gb (~$250), now have EVGA GTX 770 SC 2gb (~$420)
PSU: Corsair HX Pro Series 750w (~$130)
HDD: WD Caviar 750GB (~$80)
SSD: Crucial M4 128GB (~$130)
CASE: NZXT Gamma (~$40)

MONITOR(s): 2x ASUS VW246H 24in LCD (2x~$200), 1x Emerson 39in LCD tv (~$320)
KEYBOARD: started Razer Lycosa (~$60), now have CM QuickFire TK (~$90)
MOUSE: started Razer Orochi (~$60), now have Logitech G9X (~$80)
HEADSET: started Turtle Beach x11 (~$50), then Siberia V2 (~$120), now Astro A40 (~$250)
WIRELESS ADAPTER: TP-Link TL-WN722N 150Mbps High Gain (~$20, awesome)
WIRELESS KEYBOARD: Logitech K400 (~$25, use for tv when not near desk)

All-in-all, mine probably cost...~$1700 at the start(~$1000 on tower), and right now it's ~2300(~$1200 on tower). This all probably seems expensive, but know that a lot of it is unnecessary fluff, and it was also bought over time...and I like shiny things. So don't judge.

EDIT: Might consider upgrading myself to the cpu you got persuader, the 4670k, along with this beast.
Dont you just fcking love the g9x (had one since last year) The on board memory is so sweet *cough* lan parties. Other people that got it only use it as a regular mouse... what a waste... why wouldnt they just get a razer if theyre not at all using the g9x to the full extension.
I also used the scroller to finish this shit: thedeepestsite.com/‎

Id also suggest getting a coolermaster or even corsair heat sink, if youre getting the 4670k, cause your setup sounds like a p***y destroyer...

P.S. You couldve gotten your psu for like 30 bucks cheaper on new egg/tiger direct. My dad is like best friends with the manager of the td in toronto, so thats like a blessing for me :3

P.S.S Since your cpu and mama board are sandy bridge, id also also suggest switching your mobo soon cause 1155 is gonna run dry in a few years, while 1150 might last for a lot more. Keep your mobo and cpu for a year or so, and then switch out both of them, maybe even get the nextgen SHINY socket system :3 BUt your mama board is a beast not gonna lie

P.S.S.S After re-reading your specs Lost, I noticed your vid card 0.......0 WANT!
Yeah, got the setup about two and a half years ago and was the first one building. It's treated me all sorts of good. The prices I gave were just off the top of my head, dunno how much I actually paid for the stuff, lol. When I upgrade, I will be going 1150, and right now I'm eyeing this mobo(sabertooth), this cpu(4670k), and this RAM(G.Skill 16gb).

Also, the 770 runs like a dream. Love it so much Smile